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So listen, I know I aint' been the best o' teachers aroun' of late ch'yeah?

I kinda let p'sonal stuff get in way of wha's 'portant.

Jus' wanna say 'm sorry ta those who were lookin' fer meh.

Heh.. feel kinda stupid...

ne'ways... umm.. yeah... Classes -will- start in a couple of weeks... I'm a lil outta shape right now neh?

Tseng'd laugh so hard right now... pr'bly say serves meh righ' fer tryin' ta be smart so...

Yeah anyways, figured I'd let ya'll know 'm ok. an' yeah, dun 'spect anyone's overly worried bout class, but the first ones gonna be a trip k?

Gonna take th' whole class somewhere fun, Shiva knows I need it too yo...

That's the situ yo!

Speaks laters k?


HMD Post!


How's mah drivin' yo? Yer like me? Dun like me? Lemme know! I'm able to 'cept the crit as well as the praise..jus'.. tell me not mah boss k?


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Sure. Do what yer want

» Backtagging with this character - yes
I really dun see what the prob would be.

Look, if yer ain't sure, ask me neh? I'm usually up fer most things!


AIM: redheadedrichboy
Yahoo: redheadedrichboy

New room?

So looks like I'm roomin' wi' someone called Alfred? Alfie boy? You an' me? We gonna have fun neh?

Jus' as well ya moved out when yer did Kanj... yer artwork would'a been ruined, fate works in 'sterious ways neh?

Srry ter 'pose on yer like this Alfie, but I'll bring mah drinks, mebbe's we c'n have a drinking session ter get ta know each other and have some fun huh? Least the bottles were closed so nothin' there got ruined...

Man, mah insurance policies gonna have a field day wi' everythin' tha' got destroyed though yo...
Oki, yer first true task? Laughter is good fer the soul righ' yo? well here's wha' I want.

Everyone who feels up ter it, post at least one joke, as many as yer like, but at least one.

there'll be votin' later fer who had the best jokes and points'll be given ter lead up ter ya total fer the prize!

I'll start ya off though yo!

Patrick had the following password at work:


When his boss asked why he had such a long password he replied
"Bejazus are ye stupid? I was told me password had to be at least 8 characters long and include one capital!"

OOC: Patrick mun please don't shoot me! It was a joke I got by text and I had to share *grins*
Oki, so one thin' I've learnt abou' mah classes is they're a hell o' a lot more popular over these journals than in actual turn up and stuff yo.

So here's tha plan...

all those in mah class, or wantin' ter join mah class (trust me it's worth doin' yo!), put yer name down here... bu-ut, that's not all yo... yer got a task fer this.


Yer name, Yer age, yer year, yer fave hobby, and somethin' about yerself that ya think others migh' find innerestin'.

Also, I'm workin' on a group activity that's gonna involve all around. Prize'll be dinner fer two at the near restaurant, so worth doin' neh?

How's that gonna work? watch fer mah next post yo, I'll give yer all the details then!!!!

so, sign up yo!

Yo peeps what's up?

Well, looks like we got some sunny times ahead of us yo!

How's everyone hangin'?

This is kinda weird though, I've gotten kinda used ter that couch now. Th' heck'm I meant ta sleep in a bed? It's way too big now!

anyone fancy sharin' a bed wi' me yo? ;)


Computer Club

So, I know it's kinda late, but I'm taking the last names down fer the computer club... sadly it looks like labby boyBryan won't be helpin' out, but I'm still gonna get it up an' runnin'.

Y'all wanna put yer names down? I know I'm not normally one fer formalities but in this case, just yer name and no other convos... save tha' fer mah normal boards neh?

Reno Garcia.

X-mas presents!

Reno was busy at Shin-Ra

click to see who got whatCollapse )

Everyone else finds a card and a random picture of someone else in the school. Reno got a camera from someone in Shin-Ra... Someone help RCA!

Private to Ivan. Highest Security level.

Hey... Ev's.. That is how yer pronounce it righ'? I been lookin' shit up while I was away yo...

Yer ok? Ninjette jus' tol' me wha' happened wi' you two...